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Faurecia’s annual Expert Forum

Earlier this year, more than 300 Faurecia Experts traveled to Lille, France to take part in the fifth ... Read more »

Fiat Chrysler, Google in partnership talks

Fiat Chrysler and Google's self-driving car project are in advanced talks to form a technical partnership. The ... Read more »

Visteon reports drop in quarterly net income but hike in margins

Visteon reported net income of $19 million, ... Read more »

Ford CEO confirms plans for long-range electric car

Ford CEO Mark Fields said the Dearborn, Michigan automaker will not be left behind in the race to ... Read more »

Hold on to your cup! These customer findings drove the refreshed cupholder design for the new Ford Fusion

At Ford, every detail matters, and customer experiences matter most. That’s why, in designing ... Read more »

China's GAC looks to Fiat Chrysler to help enter U.S.

Guangzhou Automobile Group, whose partnership with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles enables the Milan-listed ... Read more »

Michigan sees better foreign auto investment prospects

Michigan's Governor Rick Snyder said he’s encouraged by discussions with European business leaders ... Read more »

This map reveals the cleanest vehicles based on location

Unless someone buys an EV just because they think they're cool (which, yeah, they often are), they ... Read more »

Fantasy performance: 10 mainstream cars we want with more powerful engines

More engine and more power seldom disappoints us. So suspend your disbelief and enjoy these 10 vehicles ... Read more »

At Home

Ford tests autonomous driving in the dead of night

Ford engineers added Lidar to the autonomous Fusion to help it drive without lights. (Autoweek) Watch video

Check out all Great Eight winners from this year's Detroit Autorama

Check out interviews with the builders and owners of every Great Eight contestant from this year's Detroit Autorama. (Autoweek) Read more

2016 New York auto show

Coverage of every debut, news, photos and more (Car and Driver) Watch videos

Lincoln Navigator Concept spreads its wings at the New York auto show

Gullwing doors, a roomier and more comfortable cabin and more power highlight the concept. (CNET) Watch video

2017 Buick Encore video preview

The Encore is still Buick’s smallest SUV, but now it fits better into the lineup.  (The Car Connection) Watch video

5 tracks featuring actual car sounds

Music video clips featuring cars are all nice and dandy, but how about tracks that incorporate their aural charms? (CarScoops) Read more

9 things you didn't know about Ferrari with Creative Director Flavio Manzoni

In this exclusive interview with Ferrari's creative director Flavio Manzoni, we take a guided trip around their original headquarters in Maranello. (CNN) Watch video

See 7 decades of pickup trucks in 15 seconds

When you watch this Ford F-Series morph through every design it’s ever had, you realize just how nuanced pickup truck design really is. (Jalopnik) Watch video