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Faurecia hosts students, promotes the manufacturing industry

Faurecia’s North America Headquarters recently hosted students for Manufacturing Day activities. ... Read more »

Carmakers forced back to bigger engines in new emissions era

Tougher European car emissions tests being introduced in the wake ... Read more »

Lear seeks edge in seating, electronics with new Detroit design, innovation center

Lear Corp. CEO Matt Simoncini believes a new design and innovation center will give the company an ... Read more »

When robots and humans take turns at the wheel

Until recently, there was no question about who’s responsible for an automobile’s operation: ... Read more »

Toyota's move to Texas goes far beyond moving employees

Toyota isn't just relocating its North American headquarters from Torrance, California, to Plano, ... Read more »

Fiat Chrysler recalls vehicles in the U.S., Canada and Mexico

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles said it is recalling about 74,833 vehicles in the United States to replace ... Read more »

Jeep Grand Wagoneer leaks after FCA dealer meeting

Two images of the all-new Jeep Grand Wagoneer have leaked online following a Fiat Chrysler Automobiles ... Read more »

One day, cars will connect with your fridge and your heartbeat

When Bruce Wayne rolled up to his Bat Cave, a roadblock ... Read more »

At Home

Roadkill swaps Cummins diesel engine into rusted-out Cadillac

Starting with a rotted-out old Cadillac, the crew transplants a trusty Cummins diesel powerplant under the acre-long hood. (Motor Trend) Watch video

We dropped a piano onto a car Wile E. Coyote style

If you thought it was fun in the cartoons, you won't believe what it's like in real life, captured by ultra slow-motion. (Autoblog) Watch video

3 of the strangest French car features from the 2016 Paris Motor Show

What follows is a look at a few of the strangest features, all unusual but also eminently practical, in the grand Gallic tradition. (Autoblog) See photos

Jay Leno, Christian Von Koenigsegg Take Turns Driving The One:1

Nobody would have thought a small Swedish company would have what it takes to challenge the likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini and Bugatti. (CarScoops) Watch video

The candidates and their cars

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is chauffeured in SUVs these days, but he has a collection of more than 110 vehicles. (The Detroit News) See photos

Top five 2016 Paris Motor Show debuts

We've had a chance to reflect on the Paris Motor Show and determine our favorite debuts. (Autoblog) See photos

American muscle exhaust compilation

Listen to the epic sounds of American muscle doing what it does best. (Autoweek) Watch video