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Detroit Manufacturing Systems breaks ground in Ohio for new plant to support next generation Jeep Wrangler

Detroit Manufacturing Systems announced during a groundbreaking ceremony the launch of a new plant ... Read more »

Nissan coming full circle this year

If a car company sits still in the auto industry, it won’t be long before that car company will ... Read more »

Why did Google choose a Chrysler minivan for self-driving tests?

So Alphabet’s Google is supposed to be cool, at least in a tech-y way, right? So how come it chose ... Read more »

UM expert: Biofuels may worsen global warming

Biofuels, long touted as a carbon-neutral alternative to fossil fuels, may do more environmental harm ... Read more »

German prosecutors review stolen Bosch data for VW dieselgate clues

Prosectors in Stuttgart, Germany are examining a trove of stolen Bosch data to see whether it contains ... Read more »

Americans drove 1.58 trillion miles through June, or 250 roundtrips from Earth to Pluto

For all of the hipsters crowing at their coffee houses about how riding their bike or taking light ... Read more »

Amazon debuts a Hub for researching and reviewing cars

One of the few things Amazon doesn’t sell in its ‘everything store’ online are cars. ... Read more »

Bright future: orange cars hold better than other colors

Gold and Silver may have been the most valuable colors at the 2016 Olympics, but not so when it comes ... Read more »

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Top 5: Infuriating things that self-driving cars can fix

Brian Cooley runs down five gridlock frustrations that self-driving cars will cure. (CNET) Read more

American muscle exhaust compilation

Listen to the epic sounds of American muscle doing what it does best. (Autoweek) Watch video

Name that car: Field guides for the Dream Cruise

My search did turn up several useful digital tools that will help get you into the spirit of the Woodward Dream Cruise. (The Detroit News) Read more

Our 11 favorite cars from the 2016 Concours d’Elegance of Americas

In Plymouth, Michigan, the Inn at St. John’s hosts the annual, world-class Concours d’Elegance of America on the golf course. (Automobile) See photos

Inside Toyota Texas to see how the Tundra and Tacoma are made

Toyota recently invited us inside this Texas facility, giving us a look at each of the plant’s three assembly areas. (Equipment World) See photos

Tesla Gigafactory Tour

An inside look at the Tesla Gigafactory, and some highlights from the mammoth facility's grand opening celebrations. (CNET) Watch video

Hyundai I30 debuts new cascading grille

Hyundai has released a teaser video of its next-generation i30, known as the Elantra GT. Its design looks quite a bit more refined than the old model. (Motor Trend) Watch video

Watch the 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor give its Fox Racing Shox a workout

The last Raptor used Fox shock absorbers as well, but the 2017 model’s are even better, Ford promises. (Digital Trends) Watch video