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Ford seeks partnerships as it looks beyond car-making

Ford Motor Chairman Bill Ford said the automaker would look for more partnerships with other companies ... Read more »

Cummins releases new sustainability progress report

Cummins released its 2015-2016 Sustainability Progress Report, detailing the company’s ... Read more »

Study: Tesla, Jaguar highest in auto software defects

Software glitches are increasingly bedeviling automakers with Tesla Motors and Jaguar Land Rover leading ... Read more »

Safety for some: are electronic driver assists really for everyone?

Hoping to gauge how widespread these features have become, we dug through the configuring tools and ... Read more »

Novelis invests $120M to make aluminum for autos

“Automakers are seeking alternative materials to cut vehicle weight while maintaining strength and ... Read more »

Travel volume to be second highest recorded thanks to low gas prices

This year’s Memorial Day weekend is expected to be a busy one for travel, as AAA is projecting more ... Read more »

VW invests $300M in global ridesharing company Gett

Seems like you can't go a day without another big announcement regarding an OEM and some on-demand ... Read more »

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Video review: a sinewy Camaro, still with muscle car swagger

Full of fun and finesse, this sixth generation pony car is a performance bargain that has plenty of power, even without the big optional V-8. (The New York Times) Watch video

Ford Technology - CO2 capture to plastics

In the not to distant future, Ford will use Carbon capture and plastic construction technology to outfit the interiors of its future cars and trucks. (Ford) Watch video

Ford tests autonomous driving in the dead of night

Ford engineers added Lidar to the autonomous Fusion to help it drive without lights. (Autoweek) Watch video

5 essential dos and don'ts of off-roading in a 4x4

Beyond pointing out some common sense rules, the video goes into the how and why. (Autoblog) Watch video

Magna CEO: We Are a High Tech Supplier

Donald Walker, CEO of Magna, discusses the latest trends in the auto industry and how the parts supplier plans to keep up with technology.  (Bloomberg) Watch video

5 tracks featuring actual car sounds

Music video clips featuring cars are all nice and dandy, but how about tracks that incorporate their aural charms? (CarScoops) Read more